SpeechWare USB TableMikes

Mind you: the single biggest problem for a successful Speech recognition experience is a lousy microphone. No matter how good the technology is or becomes, not all microphones are created equal. Most of them are design for music or “vocals” and not for speech recognition. Crucial differences like long-range dictation distance (up to 50 cm or 20″), digital signal processing (DSP), speech equalisation (SQ) and real-time adjusting to the user voice (Automatic Gain Control – AGC), provide a better signal to the speech engine, substantially improving speed processing, latency and overall recognition accuracy.

As a result, the Desktop USB TableMike has been recognised as the Best in class (with “5 Dragons” out of 5) by Nuance (Dragon NaturallySpeaking manufacturer), as well as the Best microphone for speech (with “4.5 mice”) by the American leading computing magazine MacWorld US. In Europe, the German publication MacWelt also highlighted the excellent accuracy of the TableMike with Dragon Dictate, along with the amazing freedom of movement during dictation. The TableMike is made for Speech recognition, Voice recording and Voice over IP (VoIP). Two-year warranty with many additional features to increase your productivity.

Evaluate the quality of the TableMike playback in comparison to the high-quality inbuilt iMac microphone:

Test 1: Distance of 60 cm (2′) away from the iMac (inbuilt microphone).

Test 2: Distance of 30 cm (1′) away from the TableMike with the EQ & AGC turned OFF. SpeechWare recommends 15 cm (6″) under this setting (Blue LED).

Test 3: Same distance as Test 2, but with EQ & AGC turned ON (Green LED).
Tests and Audio recordings reproduced by courtesy of “The Gadgeteer”

SpeechWare USB TravelMikes

The most innovative, lightest and portable Desktop microphone specifically designed for maximum performance with Speech recognition, Voice recording and Voice over IP (VoIP) in notebooks and tablets. Featuring the same electronic design and performance as the award-winning TableMikes but in a miniaturised USB soundcard format.

The TravelMike comprises a unique 90º fixed elbow USB connector; the SpeechWare USB MultiAdapter and a detachable snubnosed pivoting 5 cm or 2″ microphone boom. In 2016, the USB TravelMike also gets an optional Desktop base to be used with any tower PC.

SpeechWare USB Adapters

The most performing family of USB Audio Adapters for Speech recognition, Voice recording and Voice over IP (VoIP). Integrated by the basic SpeechWare MikeAdapter and the industry first multifunctional SpeechWare USB MultiAdapter.

The former is especially suited for the SpeechWare FlexyMikes and most alternative headsets. The latter features the same Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Speech Equalisation (EQ) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) technology as the TableMikes, allowing for multifunctional operation as follows:
a) Long-range and variable dictation distance mode, intended for the SpeechWare USB TravelMike
b) Normal mode, for maximum performance with the SpeechWare FlexyMikes and alternative headsets
c) Mute mode.

SpeechWare FlexyMikes

The lightest and most comfortable headsets currently available for maximum performance with Speech recognition, Voice recording and Voice over IP (VoIP), manufactured from stainless steel and titanium alloy.

The FlexyMike Single Ear Cardioid – SEC is designed to fit securely and comfortably around one single ear, while the FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardioid – DEC is to be worn around the head for long hours of dictation with a very flexible boom enabling precision positioning of the microphone and superior recognition accuracy. No wonder that the FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardiod – DEC headset has been considered “the finest for dictation” by MacWorld.