Applications for speech recognition

Are you fully satisfied with your speech recognition experience? What about your accuracy with those complexes to transcribe elements of language like capitalized expressions, abbreviations, acronyms and hyphenated words, etc.? Do you want to substantially improve your performance, no matter what your speech recognition application and version, by personalizing your vocabulary further and minimizing frustrating repetitive mistakes? Are you interested in language use analysis?…

Enter PhraseWizard, the ultimate tool for speech recognition vocabulary customization and a superior user experience or language use analysis. It allows lightning fast processing of a virtually unlimited number of documents, webpages and sub-webpages for: (1) cleanup (of tags, frequent typos, names and addresses, etc.), as well as (2) extraction of “phrases” with proper capitalization, abbreviations, acronyms, hyphenations and virtually any other complex word (with customized RegEx); according to the preferences or needs of each user.

NaturallySpeaking  is only able to scan local documents for new words; PhraseWizard  for capitalized expressions, acronyms and hyphenated words, and even without any version of Microsoft Word previously installed (!). Besides, it is also able to clean them up as well as process html files, locally or in the web, before using the Dragon “Learn from specific documents…” functionality!

Some of the main advantages of PhraseWizard, exclusively for End-users of speech recognition systems are:

  • Supports most common document formats (.txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .html) as well as online webpages and sub-webpages of any length, which is an industry first feature
  • Fastest possible processing of the supported documents (in .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .html formats), without using the Microsoft Word engine and even when they are scattered in different folders and subfoldersProcessing of the supported documents even if they have been generated with old versions of Microsoft Word not anymore installed in your PC
  • “Deep cleanup” of tags, frequent typos or mistakes, names and addresses, etc. of the supported documents, webpages and sub-webpages, which makes them unsuitable for good vocabulary building or customization
  • Search through the supported documents and webpages for quick extraction of “phrases” with proper capitalization, abbreviations, acronyms and hyphenations, according to your preferences or needs
  • Search through the supported documents and webpages for virtually any other complex word for cleanup or extraction with customized Regular Expressions (RegEx)
  • Saving long lists of the supported documents and webpages (only the lists!), whenever they are located in the hard disk or the Internet, for deferred processing.

Customized vocabularies with PhraseWizard “phrase” lists substantially increase the transcription accuracy of any speech engine, i.e. Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Windows Speech Recognition (WSR).

Download and test the application for free and even without registration. Get the “Single End-user” economic license for up to five (5) full working sessions (cleanup of data and saving of “phrases”), later when you decide to keep or save the results.

Screen shots about interesting features:

Please note that this application is exclusively and only licensed to End-users of speech recognition systems:

An unique Windows application for those needing a bit more simplicity and flexibility in controlling ONE or SEVERAL USB devices AT THE SAME TIME (hand-held and desk-mounted microphones with programmable buttons), no matter their model or make, and especially those using these devices with Dragon NaturallySpeaking! Besides, as a brand new and unique feature in the market, this version allows now for extremely fast and efficient transcription of audio and video recordings with Dragon NaturallySpeaking while SIMULTANEOUSLY playing them back with the help of any USB foot pedal!…
 In a nutshell, what OUC does is serve as the intermediary between the USB HID devices and both the computer and applications, including Dragon. Note that OUC is capable of simultaneously control multiple devices (i.e. a TableMike or handheld microphone and two foot pedals) and allows to program a wide variety of functions to the push or release of a key, button, or lever on your USB HID device, offering, for the first time ever, a completely “hands free workstation experience”. Some actions which can be programmed include the following:
– Insertion of boilerplate text
– Opening of any application, document, folder or web page
– Emulating any keyboard key or key combination
– Initiation of a variety of pre-defined Windows actions such as opening the control panel, viewing devices and printers, viewing power options, etc.
– Creation of multi-sequence “scripts” which involve a series of steps.

Some more specific ideas for Dragon users are:
– initiate any Dragon Hotkey or command (including user created commands)
– combine an unlimited number of the above functions into a single “script” initiated with a single button,
key or lever push
– toggle the Dragon Microphone On/Off microphone icon
– open the Dictation Box
– change to Next Field of a form
– issue the Press to talk
– issue a New Line/New Paragraph
– issue a Tab Key, etc.
In our mind, the real beauty of this device is the simple user interface and nearly universal compatibility with USB devices (the application even includes a special “Learning mode”), including the microphones sold by Philips, Olympus, Buddy, and Dictaphone. It is also compatible with all common USB foot pedals and USB keypads. There is no need to “push” settings to your device, no concern about device firmware upgrades. Just program you device from OUC and let it handle everything seamlessly in the background.OUC needs Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 or higher. If you have Windows 7 or 8 it is already installed in your system by default. If you do not have it, you must:
– download it from .NET Framework 3.5 (231 MB)
– unzip the installation package
– double click on the file “dotnetfx35.exe” to install it
– double click on the QuickTypist “setup” and install itThe dreamed “hands free workstation experience”: a Desktop microphone with foot pedal control for Speech recognition (651 Kb PDF file)

TableMike Config for TableMike

Download current version 1.37 (4.8 MB Zip File)

Windows application that allows to assign the 2 “Sound Out” buttons in the control panel of all TableMike models to 6 different hotkeys of choice (3 hotkeys per button), as well as trigger any existing Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Command by simply writing its name in a special box.
In this way, the user can, for instance:
– toggle the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Microphone On/Off [the {NumKey+} by default]
– open the DictatonBox {Ctrl+Shift+D}
– change to Next Field {Ctrl+Shift+N}
– issue the Press to talk
– issue a New Line/New Paragraph
– issue a Tab Key.TableMike Config needs Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 or higher. If you have Windows 7 or 8 it is already installed in your system by default. If you do not have it, you must:
– download it from .NET Framework 3.5 (231 MB)
– unzip the installation package
– double click on the file “dotnetfx35.exe” to install it
– double click on the QuickTypist “setup” and install itPlease let us know if you experience any problems during the installation or use of our application…

HD Webcam Config for USB 9-in-1 TableMike

Download current version 3.02 (15.9 MB Rar File)

Windows application that allows to extensively configure all parameters of the plug & play High Definition 720 dpi optional Webcam specially meant for the USB 9-in-1 TableMike

QuickTypist for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Download current version 2.27 (14.4 MB Zip File)

Windows application that allows to correct oneself or to delegate to a secretary the correction of the small number of mistakes (normally 2% to 3%) made when an user dictates to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, 11 or 12 Professional, Legal, Medical or Premium versions, while improving his Speech files.

This is done by comparing the voice recording of the User with the text automatically generated by the recognition (transcription), when pressing virtually any USB foot pedal or using the keyboard (Function keys).
Also, it is the only application in the market supporting extremly easy synchronization of voice recordings and transcriptions made with our “SpeechMatic Recorder” for Android (and iOS) or similar apps by the cloud, with popular services like “Dropbox”, “SkyDrive” or “GoogleDrive”!
Besides, QuickTypist features an automatic configuration module and Internet (html) base workflow for Smartphones and Tablets. Forgot those complex to set up SQL databases!

SpeechWare Recorder for Android

Download the current version (1 MB)

A simple to use voice recording application for your Android Smartphone and Tablet. Specially written for the needs of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and QuickTypist users