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Launching of the SpeechWare TabletMike® for Smartphones/Tablets and Siri®, Cortana®, Google Voice® and the forthcoming Dragon Anywhere®

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Brussels, 15 September 2015

SpeechWare announces the availability, by the end of this month, of the new SpeechWare TabletMike® for smartphones and tablets – (under construction).

Following on the success of the award-winning TableMike series, chosen as the “Best microphone” in its category by the American leading computer magazine MacWorld and many other media worldwide (, the new TabletMike features the SAME highly sensitive and unidirectional capsule of the TableMike inside a diminute 6 cm – 2.35″ snubnosed and 135° vertically pivoting microphone, attached to a standard 3.5 mm golden plated jack.


Due to the exceptional performance of the aforementioned microphone capsule, this device will provide maximum directivity, noise rejection, accuracy and comfort to users of Siri®, Cortana®, Google Voice® as well as the forthcoming Dragon Anywhere®. Besides, it is an ideal complement to the widely downloaded SpeechWare Recorder App for Android and forthcoming version for iOS!

The basic package comes bundled with one windshield and a specially designed iPhone/iPad & CTIA Android converter or adapter to support not only ALL existing notebooks and tablets with a standard 3.5 audio input, but also MOST smartphones in the market.

The pictures below shows the direct connection of the TabletMike to a Samsung smartphone and an Apple Mini iPad. Note that the pivoting snubnosed can be bent up to 135° vertically, which is quite useful to point it to the mouth of the user for maximum performance.



Later on, depending on demand, the TabletMike may also be offered bundled with the SpeechWare Enlarged Screen Holder – ESH for smartphones and tablets, ideal for people dictating messages and emails in small devices!


Advantages of the TabletMike

  • Highly sensitive cardiod microphone capsule

The same as the award-winning TableMikes

  • Better voice pick up directionality, which is essential for speech recognition accuracy

No matter how good a smartphone or tablet microphone is, the TabletMike will improve the voice pick up directionality, specially with its 135° vertically pivoting capability

  • Cross-platform compatibility

Windows®, Mac OS® (through a compatible USB audio card), iOS® and Android® (with our bundle Adapter)

  • Ideal complement for existing USB TravelMike owners, providing them a shorter and even more sensitive snubnosed microphone.


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