FlexyMike Single Ear Cardioid Reviews

SpeechWare FlexyMike and TwistMike: Stunning Accuracy From Two Very Different Microphones

As headsets go, this is as thin and light as it gets. Weighing in at just 5g/2oz, it really is barely there once you manoeuvre it into place. I’m not a huge fan of wearing headsets, but even I didn’t have a problem with this one – it’s about as comfortable a device of this type can possibly be.

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Accuracy is excellent in my quiet home office

The company also makes an even lighter single-ear version of the FlexyMike that weighs about 5 grams but it doesn’t have a cardioid microphone. Accuracy is excellent in my quiet home office, but in a noisier environment, it would come in behind the dual-ear model. However, it’s slimmer than the FlexyMike, and it fits over one ear, resolving the comfort issues I mentioned above. It retails for $139, or $50 less than the dual-ear version.

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Produced the best signal-to-noise ratio of any microphones tested

SpeechWare Introduces 2 Ultralight Titanium Headset Microphones FlexyMike DE (dual ear) and FlexyMike SEC (single ear cardioid)…

Both FlexyMikes feature the same microphone element, housed within a reinforced ultralight titanium frame. The SEC (single ear cardioid) may be more appealing to extremely mobile end-users, who prefer to fit their entire microphone and cable into a T-shirt pocket or wallet. It will also be the darling of those who want to protect their hairdo…

Both have a significantly lighter frame than any other headset tested, making them far more comfortable for extended wear. Both produced the best signal-to-noise ratio of any microphones tested (as noted below, where we show the top five), while producing 100% accuracy in all but the noisiest of environments.

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