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What are the differences between the TableMikes and other SpeechWare devices, and how the they perform against competitor devices?

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What are the differences between Green LED and Blue LED of the TableMike, TravelMike and/or SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter in a nutshell?

The SpeechWare desktop microphones feature different operational modes: a special Green, and Blue Light Mode, which were designed to perform two entirely different functions.

The Green Light Mode doesn’t just amplify the signal. It includes all of the processing capability that has been programmed into to the circuit board, which includes a “de-clicking” algorithm to eliminate unwanted clicks near the microphone capsule, Auto Gain Control and Speech EQ. It basically gives NaturallySpeaking what it wants to hear but it also alters the sound of your voice. That’s why it sounds a bit “thin” during playback.

The Green mode is specifically designed for speech recognition at a long range and variable dictation distance (up to 50 cm or 20″), something that very few microphones in the market can do reliably or match.

For high quality recording, playback purposes, VoIP applications, etc., the Blue light mode is recommended because it doesn’t alter your voice, and for the most part avoids echo problems when using Skype, and similar applications.

In a nutshell: Green Light Mode was designed exclusively for Speech Recognition at a relatively long distance and in moderate to low ambient noise, while Blue Light Mode basically bypasses most of the sophisticated and proprietary technology utilised in the Green Light Mode and need the user to be positioned closer to the microphone capsule.

What is so unique about the SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter card?

It is the first one in the market, incorporating the award-winning SpeechWare dual functionality mode (Green and Blue Modes), which allows for the same range of flexibility and performance found within the TableMikes.

One practical applications of this industry first feature will include, for instance, providing an extended dictation range to the Sennheiser MD 431 II!

What is so exciting about the new USB TravelMike?

It is the smallest and lightest desktop microphone in the market, incorporating the award-winning SpeechWare dual functionality mode (Green and Blue Modes), which allows for the same range of flexibility and performance as the TableMikes.

They are ideal for long-range and variable range dictation in Windows/Mac notebooks, ultrabooks and tablet devices.

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Are the TableMikes/TravelMikes suitable for disabled users?

Unlike competitor devices, the SpeechWare desktop microphones have been designed with disabled users in mind. Take into account these crucially important features for users with a physical disability:

1. Detachable / interchangeable microphone booms with gooseneck microphone capsules for ease of positioning the 9-in-1 being Telescopic.

2. High quality integrated speaker for the hard of hearing. (6-in-1 / 9-in-1).
3. Easy to configure ‘Push Button’ with DIMM micro switch (Always-on, Press to Lock and Press to Talk).
4. Optional configurable foot pedal, supporting the above, for activation of the microphone.
5. User configurable: Volume Up and Down Buttons, to easily assign them to the most frequent Dragon Hotkeys or Commands with our Free TableMike Config Application.
6. Optional and also User configurable USB foot pedal (in the final development stages) with the TableMike Config Application.
7. Wall (or Table) Mount Adapter to securely/permanently fix the TableMike with screws to facilitate the requirements of wheelchair-bound users.
8. Along dictation range up to 50 cm or 20″ if needed, utilising the Green Light Mode.

No other microphone for speech recognition on the market offers such flexibility, which is crucially important for disabled people. Further information is available by clicking here:

Why do the TableMikes/TravelMikes sport standard 3.5 mm audio ports (Mic-in and Sound out)?

Excessive background or ambient noise is the Achilles heel of any Desktop microphone. This is especially true when dealing with very high sensitive microphone capsule like the ones utilised within the SpeechWare devices.

Although the TableMikes/TravelMikes have built-in proprietary technology to counteract this common problem, they also feature a standard 3.5 mm Mic-in jack for the noise cancelling SpeechWare FlexyMikes or virtually any other similar headset in the market.

The standard 3.5 mm Sound-out is meant for playback of recordings; and ensuring privacy when using VoIP applications like Skype.

One of the advantages of the TableMikes/TravelMikes is that thanks to the built-in ‘EQ & AGC’ it is not necessary to re-run the Audio Check process when bypassing the gooseneck microphone with a noise filtering headsets or switch back, by simply connecting it to the unit!

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What is the Wall Mount Adapter for the TableMike?

A second optional cover to attach to the inferior part of the base of the TableMike unit, which can be easily swapped to allow the unit to be firmly fixed to wall/table with screws.

What is the optional Webcam for the USB 9-in-1 TableMike for? Do I really need it?

To provide the highest possible web communication experience. The SpeechWare integrated webcam, is High Definition (HD) compliant, unlike other competitor models. SpeechWare likes to refer to this model as: “The Communicator”.

TableMikes/TravelMikes with the Mac OS X.

The last release of the Mac OS was plagued by audio configuration problems. To avoid them, while utilising a SpeechWare product, carefully follow the Installation Guidelines provided in the TableMike/TravelMike manual.