SpeechWare USB 9-in-1 TableMike

Unique very Long-range (50 cm – 20″) dictation with Telescopic boom and maximum accuracy

Industry first flexible, detachable, interchangeable and telescopic microphone boom (53 cm to 65 cm or 21″ to 25.5″) for easier positioning, portability and storage, as well as optional High Definition (HD) 720p WebCam

High quality built-in speaker for monitoring, computer telephony and music play

Digital control panel with LED for Long-range (Green color), Normal (Blue) and Mute (Red) modes, as well as user programmable Volume buttons

Free of charge TableMike Config application to assign 6 different actions (when press, release, double-press) to the 2 Volume buttons (i.e. launch an application or file, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice command or Hotkey!)

Gold plated Hi-Fi jack for detachable boom and best connectivity on top of the base, as well as USB port and universal Flash Memory reader (to transfer your voice recordings)

DIP micro switch to program Push Button Modes

Push Button Modes: Always ON/Press to lock/Press to talk (for extremely noisy environments)

USB interface with standard 3.5 mm Mic input and output Sound jacks, as well as USB and Pedal ports

Optional economic foot pedal to switch on/off the microphone (any USB foot pedal will also work with our Octopus USB Controller application)

The SpeechWare USB 9-in-1 TableMike is the collaborative result of several years of the best European design informed with continuous input from numerous experienced speech recognition resellers and users worldwide. Awarded a Best in class “5 Dragons” certification by Nuance, the developer of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The TableMike was recognised as the Best microphone with “4.5 mice” by the leading American computing magazine MacWorld US. In Europe, the German publication MacWelt explicitly highlighted the excellent accuracy of the TableMike with Dragon Dictate, along with amazing freedom of movement during dictation.

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Click left and move mouse to Rotate / Click right and move to Pan / Scroll mouse (or pinch-out and in) to Zoom

Brief description

A high sensitive noise cancelling Desktop microphone with a USB interface and standard input and output sound jacks. Digital control panel with user programmable volume buttons with the TableMike Config application. Detachable, interchangeable and telescopic microphone boom with flexible tip for perfect positioning. Industry first integrated Digital Sound Processor (DSP), Speech Equaliser (EQ) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for long and variable range dictation of up to 50 cm or 20″ with maximum accuracy (Green LED mode). Shorter dictation mode (Blue LED mode) for noisy environments. Built-in Speaker. Two (2) female USB and one Pedal ports to control the microphone with the foot. Wideband and 20 kHz High Definition VoIP. Insulated USB cable with gold plated connectors. Two-year warranty.

‘9-in-1’ stands for…

1. USB Desktop Microphone with standard 3.5 mm input and output sound jacks
2. Detachable microphone for easier removal, portability and storage
3. Industry first telescopic and very long (53-65 cm or 21″-25.5″) boom with flexible tip for perfect positioning
4. Integrated Digital Sound Processor (DSP), Speech Equaliser (EQ) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for superior performance with Speech recognition, Voice recording and wideband 20 kHz High Definition (HD) Voice over IP (VoIP) or Internet telephony
5. Integrated high-quality Speaker in the base, ideal for voice and music
6. Integrated SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/MSPro/MSPro-HG card reader
7. Integrated USB port to connect other devices in the base
8. Additional USB port to connect optional High Definition (HD) Webcam with flexible long boom
9. Special port for optional analog Foot Pedal control.
The combination of the DSP, EQ & AGC delivers very high recognition accuracy from 10 cm up to 50 cm (4″ to 20″) range, depending upon voice volume and ambient noise, comparable to that of the best headsets in the market.

Typical uses and benefits for the customer

* Long and variable range Speech recognition (with DSP, EQ & AGC)
* High quality Voice and Music recording
* Full duplex (simultaneous Sound in and out) Wideband or High Definition (HD) Voice over IP (VoIP) or Internet telephony
* Full duplex Video conferencing & Podcasting.

Recommended accessories

* Fix-to-table or Wall-mount Adapter for safety and greater practicality
* User exchangeable top base covers of different colours to match any PC
* Optional economic foot pedal to switch on/off the microphone (any USB foot pedal will also work with our Octopus USB Controller application)
* SpeechWare FlexyMikes: the lightest and most comfortable microphone headset range in the market to connect into the back of the TableMike for very noisy environments
* High Definition (HD) 720p Webcam with flexible long boom

System requirements

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / MacOS X / most Linux versions without additional USB Sound drivers
* Compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Window Speech Recognition, Google Voice, Skype, VoipBuster, etc.
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SpeechWare Tablemike 9-in-1