Why a TableMike?

Exclusive Variable Long-Range Self Adjusting Input (“SpeechMatic”)

USB TableMike Tour Video – 1.30 min.

Unboxing, Checking features & Testing the TableMikes Video, 7 min. / in HQ 4K

Best USB Desktop microphone for speech:

Not all audio hardware is created equal. Unlike most audio devices in the market, the TableMikes are probably the first ones to have been specifically designed and manufactured for maximum performance with speech. The combined effect of the industry first ‘Speech Equaliser (EQ)’ and the ‘Automatic Gain Control (AGC)’ or Amplifier is crucially important for speech in general and Dragon NaturallySpeaking® in particular. In fact, keeping always the same dictation distance is not so important like with conventional microphones: as you move away, it automatically increases its volume! We call this exclusive feature “SpeechMatic”.Besides have you noticed how the blue bar of the Dragon Audio Setup Wizard bounces up and down when running it? Human voice never maintain a steady volume level so Dragon has to make an educated guess and this may affect accuracy. This essential design problem is also and mostly solved with the aforementioned technology.

In another words, besides excellent dictation technique, accuracy is very much dependent of getting a highly constant and proportionate human voice spectrum or diagram (the green bars below), not to mention an imperceptible level of internal or background noise (the yellow bars), when running the aforementioned Wizard, like the TableMikes will always provide:

Not yet convinced about these basic but essential considerations? Run now the ‘Check Microphone’ of your Dragon NaturallySpeaking with your existing hardware device and find the differences!

Beware of all those general purpose audio devices not built for speech recognition or poorly designed, that promise a high degree of background noise rejection at the expense of a noticeable loss or drop out in your voice spectrum, as well as most Bluetooth wireless devices which are not even capable of handling human voice overtones!…

Check this interesting third party comparative review of this device against its main competitors.

Five main reasons to purchase a TableMike:

1. Experience the amazing power of high accuracy Speech Recognition at your finger tips
2. Enjoy the freedom of not having to wear a headset, receive probably harmful radiations nearby your brains during long hours of dictation, recharge batteries or be physically tethered to a PC
3. Designed with the major customer needs in mind and in close partnership with an international group of individuals with unparalleled experience in microphone technology and Speech Recognition
4. Unparalleled performance and functionality: Best in class “5 Dragons” certification by Nuance Inc. –developer of Dragon NaturallySpeaking®, as well as Best microphone with “4.5 mice” by the American leading computing magazine MacWorld US, as well as the German MacWelt
5. Exceptional testimonials from customers and media reviews from all over the world.