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Frank Schricker

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It actually gets better accuracy and performance results in our standard test set than any of its handheld competitors.

Our standard operating distance for handhelds/desktop microphones and digital recorders is 4 inches, about 10cm.

The microphone achieves 5 Dragons at the above referenced standard operating distance and the sensitivity adjustment turned off. As a reference, all handheld microphone solutions (Philips, Dictaphone, Grundig, Olympus) achieve 4 Dragons. One Dragon difference indicates a 7.5% increase/decrease in word error rate.

Further test scenarios:

At 12 inches = 30cm operating distance, the sensitivity gain turned ON to max: 3 Dragons.

At 12 inches = 30cm operating distance, the sensitivity gain turned OFF: 3 Dragons (allows speaker adaptation and operation for all but the softest speakers).

In addition we tested the DictaMail recording quality features via the DNS mobile enrollment feature.

Using the High recording quality: 6 Dragons accuracy (this is with the required 10 minutes of adaptation data for mobile enrollment versus the regular 4 minutes used in “Live Mike” training).

Using the Standard recording quality in MP3: 5 Dragons.

Frank Schricker