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Best USB Microphone for Speech Recognition




“… If you have to dress up in a headset each and every time you want to use speech recognition, it loses much of its usefulness.The TableMike is not a conventional or standard USB microphone “adapted” to speech recognition like the competitors, but rather one specifically made for that purpose from the ground up and integrating many industry first features, as for instance: an unique ‘Speech Equaliser (EQ)’ and ‘Automatic Gain Control (AGC)’ or Amplifier, programmable Push button (Always on/Push to Talk/Push to Lock), foot pedal activation, detachable boom, mic-in port to be use as an external USB card for any headset, telescopic 53 cm to 65 cm (21″ to 25.5″) boom, integrated speaker and USB ports to connect any peripheral, integrated universal SD/MMC card reader, HD Webcam, etc.

Besides, you will not believe its performance and comfort of use!”



“… It actually gets better accuracy and performance results in our standard test set than any of its handheld competitors. All handheld microphone solutions (Philips, Dictaphone, Grundig, Olympus) achieve 4 Dragons. One Dragon difference indicates a 7.5% increase/decrease in word error rate…”


“… I’m getting slightly better accuracy with the TableMike than I do with a USB headset! I’m certainly incredibly impressed…”


“… So, if you’re looking for a desktop microphone that is comparable to the Sennheiser MD 431 II in terms of noise canceling, that may be in the works, but it’s not here yet. Even so, I would prefer of the SpeechWare 3-in-1 TableMike for overall clarity and noise suppression (note that I say noise suppression, not noise canceling).

I have to say that I was particularly amazed at the results when using the Sennheiser MD431 II and the Samson Airline 77 wireless microphone for dictation with my surroundsound theater system playing music from the music channels at about 89 dB and connected in the standard mic-in port of the back of the base of the SpeechWare 3-in-1. The results are absolutely amazing. That is, virtually 100% accuracy…”



“I rarely used to sell table microphones because the ones available were limited to a practical dictation range of about 6 inches. When SpeechWare first approached me and claimed that their microphone “had a variable 18 inch range”, he piqued my interest. Upon testing the TableMike I found that I could easily reach up to 24 inch or more with outstanding accuracy and couldn’t use anything else. At the time I was using a Samson Airline 77. I was willing to forgo being wireless for the convenience of a TableMike…

“The biggest microphone problem, from my point of view, is putting on a headset. How many times have you sat down and typed an e-mail because you didn’t want to spend that extra 3 seconds putting your headset on (even though NaturallySpeaking was already running). I think a lot of people find themselves in that situation but with the TableMike is just sitting there waiting for your next dictation or command at the press a button and in my case, I simply use a hot key on my keyboard. I can’t tell you how many e-mails I have typed at the beginning of the day before putting on my headset but that all ended with the TableMike. There is nothing more comfortable than being able to dictate in a situation where you not only don’t have to wear a headset but you additionally don’t have to be facing the microphone. It wasn’t a higher accuracy that clinched the deal for me; it was the convenience!

Even in very noisy environments, you can plug a good noise canceling headset into the base of the TableMikes and still utilize the algorithms, auto level control, auto EQ and the noise filtering USB soundcard.”



“Have you noticed how the blue bar bounces up and down as you are running the Dragon Audio Check? Our voices never maintain a steady volume level so Dragon has to make an educated guess. Potentially, this means that our accuracy is never quite as good as it could be.

From a speech recognition point of view, USB soundcards have remained virtually unchanged since their inception in the late 1990s. Some of the latest models include pretty blinking LED lights, low noise floors and high fidelity output but none of these innovations are relevant to speech recognition. That’s why, until now, we have been hesitant to publish a USB soundcard review. Fortunately, that’s all changed.

Whe have always endorsed the use of external USB soundcards or USB microphones. Now, the only USB soundcard we will be recommending is the SpeechMatic MultiAdapter (due August 22, 2013). The MultiAdapter not only includes auto gain control but additionally includes auto EQ, to compensate for vocal tonal changes that occur when speaking at lower or higher volume levels or extending or shortening the microphone distance. Besides behing the only USB soundcard to inclue auto volume/EQ, it also feature global broadband noise filtering, a de-clicking algorithm (to block no-words shuch as clearing you throat) and NaturallySpeaking 11/12 algorithms, all impregnated onto an integrated circuit board . This new USB soundcard, which we have been testing for the past 6 months, is introducing 6 new technologies which you’ll find covered in our KnowBrainer USB SoundCard Face-Off. The bottom line is that we found the new SpeechMatic MultiAdapter increased our speech recognition accuracy by approximately 1% over other soundcards. 1% may not sound like much until you realize that raising you accuracy from 96% to 97% translates to more than 25% fewer misrecognitions. To demostrate this new technology, we were able to place our headset opproximately 12 inches away on our desktop, and continue dictating. Altough our accuracy dropped a bit, we know of few other headset microphones that could be used from 12 inches away.”



“… We have found the 3-in-1 prototype to be nothing less than outstanding for use with speech recognition and applaud Speechware for their extraordinary efforts to “do it right”. In the process of designing this microphone they sought input from experienced speech recognition users and experts both in Europe and in the US. The result is an amazing combination of style, functionality, and superb results with speech recognition software…”

“… I am having a ball! My recognition in version 10 is wonderful and the built-in mute switch in the base makes it easy to mute Dragon. Now that I’ve started using the 2-in-1 TableMike, I don’t think I’m going to go back to using my 9350 dictate to Dragon…”

“… We are extremely happy with the accuracy of the 6-in-1 TableMike, especially considering we’re running over Citrix. I notice that recognition is better than the Sennheiser BW900 Wireless bluetooth headphone on Citrix…”



Larry Picard, power user, on the TableMike

“Just thought I would give you some feedback on the SpeechWare 3-in-1 TableMike.  First of all this is the best Dragon input device that I have ever used in terms of accuracy and convenience.I have used it mainly in relatively close distances of several inches to about one foot.  At this distance it seems to work best with the normal blue setting as opposed to the green. While I try to maintain a consistent distance from the mike element.  This does not seem to be critical to good speech recognition.

I can use it entirely hands-free and I do not have to repeatedly put on and take off a headset to move around or talk to people!”

David Collins, Surveyor, on the TableMike & TravelMike:

“Having used a TableMike in my office for a few years, I decided to buy the TravelMike to use with my recently acquired Surface Pro 3 tablet computer when at home or travelling. I could not be more pleased.

Having tried numerous microphone options over the years, the TableMike was by far the best that I had used, since it managed tremendous accuracy in a noisy background environment. Being totally hands-free and no headgear is a big bonus.

The TravelMike works equally well with the added benefit of being portable. The unit itself is very small and the flexibility of the microphone boom means that it can be positioned to be used from a comfortable seating position which was not possible when using the tablet’s internal microphone. Using the microphone approximately 23 cms from my mouth produces astonishing accuracy. I do not usually write reviews unless the product is exceptional. This is!”

Edwin T. Muranaka, M.D. on the USB 6-in-1 TableMike, The FlexyMike SEC & USB MultiAdapter:

“I am a radiologist practicing in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our practice has utilized various voice recognition software, including Dragon, Nuance, and M Modal, for more than six years to transcribe our reports. We have utilized various microphones, though predominantly Philips products including the SpeechMike Air and SpeechMike Premium.I have utilized the TableMike 6-in-1 with boom microphone and foot pedal for five years now and have found this product to have excellent sound pick up while maintaining exceptional noise cancelling ability and singular accuracy, which I believe surpasses the Philips products. In addition, the TableMike has the unparalled advantage of freeing up one hand while dictating, allowing me to utilize other interface devices to manipulate the images I am reporting on that oftentimes number in the hundreds per study. The TableMike is well made, sturdy, and invariant in performance.

Our workstations include four display monitors of approximately 35 x 45 cm each, that spans across our desks. Last year, in order to increase the utilization of voice recognition beyond transcription of imaging findings, e.g. email, real time interoffice correspondence, etc., I ventured to purchase the FlexyMike Single Ear Cardioid (SEC) microphone to utilize with the base of the TableMike 6-in-1. The FlexyMike has proven to be an equally exceptional product matching my experience with the TableMike. The sound sensitivity, noise cancelling, and accuracy are outstanding, with the added benefit of being able to view any monitor across my workstation while dictating. I must add that the boom microphone on the TableMike did an admirable job in performing this similar function, however, it is probably the psychology of looking away from the microphone while dictating that persuaded me to place greater reliance on the FlexyMike.

Most recently, I have purchased the SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter and an additional FlexyMike single ear cardioid microphone. Thus far the USB MultiAdapter has performed as well as the TableMike 6-in-1 base, and obviously allows more portability. These products have expand the spectrum of dictation functions to beyond my workstation, while providing me the same high performance I have come to expect and need.

On another note, I encountered a problem with my FlexyMike early on. Unfortunately, I purchased the FlexyMike through a reseller who did not honor the warranty despite being assured by SpeechWare that they would back their product. I appealed to SpeechWare and they provided me immediate assistance and generously resolved my problem. I now whole heartedly encourage any buyers of the SpeechWare products to purchase directly from SpeechWare in order to obtain the service and support they deserve and expect.

The interface tools I utilize in my practice are vital to my efficiency and effectiveness, and consequently my performance. I have always sought to find the best tools and SpeechWare TableMike, FlexyMike, and USB MultiAdapter are unequivocally among those. They have met and exceeded my expectations in the quality and performance of their products, their service and their support.”

Mark Blackman-Clark on the USB 6-in-1 TableMike:

“After a great deal of research I had decided upon the FlexyMike and placed my order. A follow-up call from Marta at SpeechWare resulted in me changing my order for a TableMike, with which I’m absolutely delighted. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and have never found a microphone that works effectively. The TableMike was almost 100% accurate straight out of the box! To say that I am impressed would be an understatement.

Mark S. Radell on the USB MultiAdapter:

“To say that this device is an improvement over other USB Sound Pods will be a major understatement. Also, at least in my case, the improvement in recognition accuracy was much better than the claimed improvement.

The Auto Gain Control probably makes the biggest improvement because it nullifies any changes in volume that you have in your voice. It normally took me about to read throughs all of the paragraphs where you set your volume levels in Dragon NaturallySpeakings microphone setup. Surprisingly, using this adapter it only took about half of the first paragraph!

I’m not sure what help the de-clicking and built-in NaturallySpeaking algorithms have, but I didn’t experience any unusual problem. The manufacturer states that you should go to the bypass or Blue LED mode when using the same headset for VoIP communications to avoid echo, by really didn’t see where not doing that caused any problems.

Overall, anyone who is looking for a new USB Sound Pod or wants to upgrade an existing one should look no further at the present time.”

“… I was at first sceptical that it would have anything like the accuracy of a meticulously positioned headset microphone. Essentially there is no difference in performance. My usage of Skype has increased dramatically. I would recommend this unique combo to anyone who uses speech recognition software…”

Bill McLachlan:

” Just a short note to say thanks again for recommending the SpeechWare microphone. It arrived yesterday and I immediately started using it. I can’t believe how much more accurate it is than my xTag and even the SpeechMike classic…”

James Carr:

“… One thing that I have noticed with this particular microphone as it is extremely ‘forgiving’! By this, I mean that when you are dictating at speed, where you may slur a word, DNS will correctly recognise the word even though you may not have clearly enunciated it. Using any other microphone this ‘slurred word’ would have resulted in a misrecognition.

While I have no deep understanding of the algorithms that have gone on to make this microphone so wonderful, I can only attributed due to the extremely high quality of the signal lies that DNS is receiving. Enclose for the consideration of all is a line from my Dragon 11 log, which clearly shows the signal noise is 36 !

Francisco Espasandín Bustelo – Profesor Titular de la Universidad de Sevilla:

“Conozco y uso Dragon NaturallySpeaking desde hace varios años en mi trabajo, pero he echado siempre de menos un micrófono que estuviese “a la altura” de esta útil aplicación. Hace poco compré el micrófono de sobremesa USB 6-in-1 TableMike. Tras un mes de uso estoy muy satisfecho con su funcionamiento por los siguientes motivos:

– extrema facilidad de instalación y uso.
– avanzada tecnología (Altavoz, Ecualizador y Amplificador de voz incorporados) con numerosos accesorios disponibles (Pedal, Brazo telescópico, Adaptador de pared, etc.).
– importante aumento de la precisión y de la rapidez, a una considerable distancia de dictado, como los mejores cascos con micrófono incorporado.
– sensación de seguridad al trabajar con tecnología de máxima calidad, refrendada por diversas publicaciones especializadas a nivel internacional.

Por todo ello, considero que se trata de un micrófono único que merece ser considerado por todos aquellos que estén interesados en el reconocimiento de voz, el dictado digital o los sistemas de sonido en general.”

David Collins – Adlers Surveyors LLP:

“Having wasted large amounts of money and time on various microphones for hands-free dictation, I finally purchased the TableMike and am absolutely delighted.

I work in a small office which is very noisy. All the microphones I used previously were satisfactory in quiet environments but useless in a shared office or where there is other background noise with windows open, etc. The TableMike was set up in a few minutes and the accuracy was fantastic from the start. I wish I had purchased a TableMike years ago. I thoroughly recommend this product.”

“I have been using Speech recognition for over twelve years and dictate between 3000 and 4000 words per day. Although Dragon NaturallySpeaking has always worked well, your recognition accuracy also greatly depends on the performance of the microphone. Over the years I have been trying microphones of all kinds, i.e. headsets, desktop microphones, Bluetooth microphones and so on. For myself as a translator being tied to his desk a desktop microphone is by far the best solution. Unfortunately those microphones have always had rather poor recognition rates, given the surrounding noise.

The Speechware USB 6-in1 TableMike is more than a revolution in this regard. It offers unparalleled accuracy and is even better than any other headset or whatsoever. With its flexible position, his perfect accuracy and variable dictation distance it offers a totally new way of working that has increased my productivity considerably! I could not imagine a more efficient way of working. Given its features and performance the price of the microphone is extremely low. There is no other microphone on the market that matches its qualities. Thank you Speechware!”

Jarod McClintock – New Zealand:

“I am amazed at how much background noise the six and one filters out. I’m very happy with it. The customer service is really good. Microphone arrived quickly (about one and a half weeks) by FedEx. I live in New Zealand.”

Cliff Cardin – Writer:

“…This microphone has revolutionized my dictation experience.

Once I get past the learning curve, I believe my productivity will take a giant leap forward. My goal is to write at least two books per year. Thanks to modern technology that just might be possible.

(Update – as I’m editing this piece, I have moved up the learning curve. I’m now experiencing about 99% accuracy and am completely hands-free. I have also tested this as a vocal mic, and the sound quality is impressive. Background noise is almost nonexistent.) Not only can I say I like it, I can tell you that I love it. I have no idea how I lasted so long without one…”


“I work in central London with high levels of traffic noise with the windows open and a lot of background noise in the office. The accuracy of the microphone is astounding. This is the best hands-free microphone I have ever used —and I’ve tried several ! ”

John Prosser, client:

“I am a very happy and enthusiastic user of a SpeechWare USB 9-in-1 TableMike which I mainly use with NaturallySpeaking. Before having this microphone I used to have a headset which was clumsy and awkward with cables…

I now use this desktop microphone which I’m seated at approximately a distance of 350 mm or 13.78″ and it is working fantastically and has saved me many hours. It is also a great blessing to have the additional USB ports and universal memory card reader which has also been a great bonus, not to mention the new application that allows to configure the two Volume buttons to up to six (single press, double press and press and hold) different Dragon voice commands or Hotkeys of my choice!

Thank you and God bless you SpeechWare. ”

Patricia McPartland, disabled client:

“I love my Tablemike, which I use with Dragon Dictate. I have limited use of my hands. The Tablemike stays in place to my left and picks up my voice very accurately with no effort on my part except to click my keyboard to turn on the mike. It is a lot easier for me than using a headset. ”

T.K., Anonymous client:

“I just received my 3 in 1 TableMike which I ordered over the weekend. So far, I am more than happy with my purchase. Ordering through KnowBrainer was cheaper than Amazon and I spoke directly with the owner of the company, Lunis, with a few questions. Even though I have only been using it for about 30 minutes, I can tell that it is better than any microphone I have had over the last 25 years. Other than plugging it into the wrong type of USB port, it works great.”