Testimonio Alan Douglas

Alan Douglas

handicapped client

I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with a headset for a number of years. I used the software to do some Open University courses and exams with great success. At the time however, I had to use a headset which caused me two main problems. Firstly, after a period of time the headset became very uncomfortable, even painful. Secondly, as a severely disabled person (I have a tetraplegia caused by a rugby accident back in 1994) I am unable to put on, take off or position the headset. As a result, I did not use the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software to anything like its full potential.

When I first discovered this SpeechWare tabletop microphone with its foot pedal I was at first sceptical that it would have anything like the accuracy of a meticulously positioned headset microphone.

I’ve had the desktop microphone with foot pedal for about three months now. I have to say that I have been extremely impressed with how well it performs relative to a standard headset. Essentially there is no difference in performance as claimed by SpeechWare. However, the totally hands-free aspect of the desktop microphone has transformed my usage of the NaturallySpeaking software. I can quickly put together an e-mail with little effort, making a few notes is simplicity itself and writing longer letters is now a pleasure. An added bonus which I hadn’t foreseen at the time of purchase is my usage of Skype has increased dramatically, as also anticipated by SpeechWare. This unit is particularly useful because, when I use a hands-free phone people, find it difficult to hear what I’m saying.

Thus, the SpeechWare desktop microphone and its foot pedal has proven to be extremely enabling. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has poor hand dexterity caused by disabilities such as spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis etc. In fact, I would recommend this unique combo to anyone who uses speech recognition software.

Alan Douglas