Testimonio Chuck Runquist

Chuck Runquist
Technical Project Manager
VoiceTeach, LLC
Home VoicePower® Ultimate

Regardless of what the final MSRP for the SpeechWare SpeechWare 3-in-1 TableMike will be, the technology is very sophisticated and very advanced, and allows the user to use the SpeechWare SpeechWare 3-in-1 in two modes: (a) VoIP, Skype, professional recording, music, etc., and (b) speech recognition specifically and exclusively. While the recording/VoIP/Skype mode can also be used with speech recognition, the speech recognition mode is much more effective. Speech recognition mode not only contains an Adaptive Noise Canceling algorithm, it also provides an Automatic Gain Control and a number of other very significant features specifically designed or producing the best accuracy (i.e., user dependent obviously) possible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This is a significant advancement in technology over the previous SpeechWare microphones. A lot of very hard work has gone into the fine tuning of the speech recognition mode. It has been tuned for the differences between DNS 10.1 and DNS 11.5. In addition, there are many other characteristics that allow for improved range performance, etc.

Considering what SpeechWare has done with this microphone over the last several months, $279 is inexpensive. Basically, compared to the SpeechWare 2-in-1, the SpeechWare 3-in-1 represents a significant leap in technology and performance.

So, if you’re looking for a desktop microphone that is comparable to the Sennheiser MD 431 II in terms of noise canceling, that may be in the works, but it’s not here yet. Even so, I would prefer of the SpeechWare 3-in-1 TableMike� for overall clarity and noise suppression (note that I say noise suppression, not noise canceling).

I have to say that I was particularly amazed at the results when using the Sennheiser MD431 II and the Samson Airline 77 wireless microphone for dictation with my surroundsound theater system playing music from the music channels at about 89 dB and connected in the standard mic-in port of the back of the base of the SpeechWare 3-in-1. The results are absolutely amazing. That is, virtually 100% accuracy.

Chuck Runquist