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JM Boccio

Sq. Ambiorix 30, 5th floor
1000 Brussels
+32 2 7331687

To have speech recognition permanently available, you need a good desktop microphone sitting next to your computer. If you have to dress up in a headset each and every time you want to use speech recognition, it loses much of its usefulness.

This is precisely why we have designed and manufactured the UNIQUE TableMike to the most stringent professional standards.

The TableMike is not a conventional or standard USB microphone “adapted” to speech recognition like the competitors, but rather one specifically made for that purpose from the ground up and integrating many industry first features, as for instance: an unique ‘Speech Equalizer and ‘Voice Amplifier (AGC)’, programmable Push button (Always on/Push to Talk/Push to Lock), foot pedal activation, detachable boom, mic-in port to be use as an external USB card for any headset, telescopic 48 cm to 60 cm (19″ to 24″) boom, integrated speaker and USB ports to connect any peripheral, integrated universal SD/MMC card reader, HD Webcam, etc. Besides, you will not believe its performance and comfort of use!

JM Boccio