Testimonio Jon

Jon Wahrenberger, MD

Speech Recognition Solutions
4 Spencer Rd.
Hanover, NH 03755

We have found the 3-in-1 prototype to be nothing less than outstanding for use with speech recognition and applaud Speechware for their extraordinary efforts to “do it right”. In the process of designing this microphone they sought input from experienced speech recognition users and experts both in Europe and in the US. The result is an amazing combination of style, functionality, and superb results with speech recognition software. This is the simplest of the 3 new tablemikes (the redesigned 6-in-1 and new 9-in-1 have yet to be released). Comparing the 3-in-1 to the other models, it does not contain a speaker, does not have a jack for a foot pedal, and includes no accessory USB jacks. It does include a speaker jack and a jack for an accessory microphone if you choose. Unique to this product is use of both filtered audio technology (to reduce effects of noise) and “Equaliser technology” which automatically adjusts the gain, to allow use from a variety of distances from the microphone element. We think this is a great product!

Jon Wahrenberger