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I rarely used to sell table microphones because the ones available were limited to a practical dictation range of about 6 inches. When SpeechWare first approached me and claimed that their microphone “had a variable 18 inch range”, he piqued my interest. Upon testing the TableMike I found that I could easily reach up to 24 inch or more with outstanding accuracy and couldn’t use anything else. At the time I was using a Samson Airline 77. I was willing to forgo being wireless for the convenience of a TableMike…

The biggest microphone problem, from my point of view, is putting on a headset. How many times have you sat down and typed an e-mail because you didn’t want to spend that extra 3 seconds putting your headset on (even though NaturallySpeaking was already running). I think a lot of people find themselves in that situation but with the TableMike is just sitting there waiting for your next dictation or command at the press a button and in my case, I simply use a hot key on my keyboard. I can’t tell you how many e-mails I have typed at the beginning of the day before putting on my headset but that all ended with the TableMike. There is nothing more comfortable than being able to dictate in a situation where you not only don’t have to wear a headset but you additionally don’t have to be facing the microphone. It wasn’t a higher accuracy that clinched the deal for me; it was the convenience!

Even in very noisy environments, you can plug a good noise canceling headset into the base of the TableMikes and still utilize the algorithms, auto level control, auto EQ and the noise filtering USB soundcard.

Lunis Orcutt