SpeechWare 2nd Gen. USB TravelMike with Base

Long-range (50 cm-20″) accuracy for Workstation, Laptop, Tablet & Headset!

All basic parts included in a small practical rigid case for easy storage and traveling

Triple functionality: (1) Directly attached to a laptop or tablet and set in Long-range dictation mode (up to 50 cm-20″), under Green LED mode…

Triple functionality: (2) Connected in the same way or to our headsets but set in Normal mode (Blue LED) for shorter dictation range in very noisy environments…

Triple functionality: (3) Standing-up in our optional USB Hub or base with hidden adjustable cable and four USB ports, one of which fast USB 3.0!

Same innovative design and crucial features (Digital Signal Processing – DSP, Speech Equaliser – SQ and Automatic Gain Control – AGC) of the award-winning TableMikes in an industry first USB Adapter package. Triple functionality: (1) Directly attached to a PC and set in Long-range dictation mode (50 cm-20″ or more) with top accuracy under Green LED; (2) Connected to our headsets and set in Normal mode for shorter dictation range in very noisy environments under Blue LED, and (3) Standing-up in the optional USB Hub used as a base, to become the only existing and smallest possible USB microphone for Workstation, Laptop, Tablet and Headset.
New 2020 model: 2nd Gen. USB TravelMike with Base (UTM + B), which includes the aforementioned USB Hub and a Type C converter for MacBooks and other modern Windows notebooks with this interface only!

Brief description

High sensitive noise cancelling Desktop microphone with USB interface and standard 3.5 mm Mic input and output Sound ports in an industry first small USB module, ideal for any notebook or tablet, as well as our FlexyMikes and alternative headsets. Dual funcionality: Long-range and variable dictation distance (up to 50 cm or 20″) with very high accuracy, under Green LED, and Normal mode for shorter range in noisy environments or alternative headsets under Blue LED. Industry first integrated Digital Sound Processor (DSP), Speech Equaliser (EQ) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) as the TableMikes. Single translucent Push Button to switch between the long-range (Green LED), normal (Blue LED) and mute (Red LED) modes. Detachable snubnosed microphone boom (5 cm or 2”) with pivoting tip for perfect positioning. 90º elbow rigid USB connector. Wideband and 20 kHz High Definition VoIP. Two-year warranty.

Main elements included

The Standard USB TravelMike (UTM) is integrated by:
1. The SpeechWare USB MultiAdapter with standard 3.5 mm Mic input and output Sound ports
2. The detachable snubnosed microphone boom (5 cm or 2”) with pivoting tip for perfect positioning and the same capsule as the award winning TableMikes
3. The 90° elbow rigid USB connector, compatible with any notebook or tablet PC.
The new USB TravelMike with Base (UTM + B) adds:
4. The USB Hub or base with 4 USB ports, one of which high-speech USB 3.0 and a short hiding cable
5. A practical USB Type C connector for MacBooks and modern Windows laptops with this interface only.

The built-in DSP, EQ & AGC, identical to the award-winning TableMikes, delivers very high recognition accuracy from 10 cm up to 50 cm (4″ to 20″) range, depending upon voice volume and ambient noise, comparable to that of the best available headsets.

Check the Official Brochure for more information.

Typical uses and benefits for the customer

+ Long-range variable dictation (under the Green LED setting) connected with any Workstation, Laptop, Tablet and Headset, either directly (rigid 90 degrees adapter) or with its special USB Hub or Base (UTM + B model)

+ Attached to a Laptop lid or Monitor, including MacBooks, with a Velcro tape and the short USB cable extension of the Standard model

+ Hand-held, with a longer USB extension cable (not provided)

+ High performance Voice and Music recording with any FlexyMike or alternative headset (under the Blue LED setting)

+ Full duplex (simultaneous Sound in and out) Wideband or High Definition (HD) Voice over IP (VoIP), Internet telephony, Video conferencing & Podcasting.

Check the Press release on the second generation UTM

Recommended accessories

+ Optional USB Hub or base (UTM +B model)

+ SpeechWare FlexyMikes: the lightest and most comfortable microphone headset range in the market to connect into the built-in Mic-in port.

System requirements

+ Windows® 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista® / XP® / 2000 / MacOS® X / most Linux versions without additional USB Sound drivers

+ Compatible with Dragon®, Microsoft Speech for Windows®, Google Voice®, Skype®, VoipBuster®, etc.

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The world’s smallest and lightest USB Desktop microphone (UTM + B)

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